NeoSign is a brand new system for illuminated signs

Ever since the “good old” days, street signs and shop signs alike have been big clunky boxes that does a lot more than simply communicate a message or a brand.

They literally hum from the electricity that is powering them. The heat they produce get lost in the environment around them, and worse of all – the night sky above them is canceled out by the light pollution they create.

NeoSign’s mission is to change that entirely. With infinitely customizable signs that do it all.

They are easy to assemble, they look so clear that one could mistake them for being fake, they recycle the energy they create, and they bring back the night sky.

Not to mention – they’re one of a kind.

With less light pollution than a candlelight flame, NeoSign is on track to change the entire game on a global level.

In addition to solving global problems, NeoSign is a symbol of hope. Based in a small town in Southern Norway, the owner and inventor of NeoSign have been through the toughest of battles to bring this to the world. NeoSign is proof that when there is a dream and a willingness to pursue it, miracles can happen.

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