Energy waste from light signs



Energy waste from light signs is far greater than most experts so far have been aware of.
In Norway alone, with 5.408.000 inhabitants, they waste 566.500 kWh a year – or 29.508 tons of coal.
In Germany with 83.200.000, they waste 8,786,190 kWh a year – or 453.964 tons of coal.
In Europe, with 746.400.000 inhabitants, a whopping 4,072,000 tons of coal are wasted each year in light-polluting light signs.

You can calculate the energy consumption yourself as well as the coal consumption we waste from the façade pollutig and light-polluting light signs. Enter the population of a city or country here – you will be very surprised at the energy waste from light signs alone!

NeoSign is always installed on the inside of the windows. This means that all the heat from the NeoLights is recovered inside the buildings in the evening and at night – which means that you need to heat it up less with other heat sources at night.

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